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Jonathon Earl Bowser

Jonathon Earl Bowser is a guest artist at the Lilith Gallery. The Canadian artist's work focuses on ideas of mythical goddesses and iconographic images of divine feminine beauty. He is certainly not the first person to dedicate their art towards divine feminine beauty. Patrick Nagel, Eugene Delacroix, Friedrich Overbeck, William Blake and even Leonard Nimoy (who was and still is a successful photographer before he became an actor) all dedicated their art towards finding symbolic meaning(s) between nature, sexuality and spirituality.

Bowser's art is so impressive that his online popularity has made him so famous that not only has Saddam Hussein (and everyone else in Iraq) seen Bowser's art work. In the Spring of 2001 Saddam Hussein (or people working for the deposed leader) copied Bowser's 1998 painting "The Awakening" off of Bowser's website and used it as the cover for Hussein's novel "Zabibah and the King". An obvious case of copyright infringement, but also an excellent example of how artists really do make a difference (whether we intend to do so or not, does not matter).

Such is the extent of Bowser's "net-fame" that he his fans all over the world and sells his works for thousands of dollars each. He is arguably the most famous Canadian painter in recent history, overlapping the fame of landscape artists the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, and more modernist artists like Bertram Brooker and Joyce Wieland. While Canada does have many famous artists, that fame tends to extend only within the borders of Canadian art history and rarely makes it onto the international stage.

Although Bowser resents the copyright infringement of his art piece, no one can dispute that every artist worth his salt deserves extra publicity. Its just a sad turn of events that the publicity came from a notorious dictator on the opposite side of the planet. Perhaps it just shows that Bowser's ability to portray beauty is simply universal.

I asked Bowser once about whether world events (such as 9/11) play a role in the shaping of his art. His response was worthy of note:

"In my lifetime I have seen (on the evening news, anyway) 1 million dead in Burundi and Rwanda during the tribal violence of the mid-90's, 4 million dead in southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, and a ghastly parade of other bloodbaths to numerous to easily recall. And I have read enough history to be familiar with even more appalling events in the remote past. The terrorist attacks were despicable, and I suppose I hope for an agonizing death for those responsible. But it was only one dark day among countless thousands humanity has endured in its time. I hope there is an element of sorrow in my work, but it is for the ever-dying, self-consuming horror of Life itself, and not for any particular tragedy that affects individuals. 9/11 has not changed my work in any way whatsoever."

Which is a great answer, I feel. And so unlike many artists who get swept up due to constant worrying about world events.

Beyond his themes of nature and feminine symbolism (which Bowser calls "Mythic Naturalism"), Bowser's skill as a painter is incredible. He makes many traditional painters look like amateurs in comparison.

If you need more info about Bowser, contact the curator or visit Bowser's Official website:

All art shown on this webpage is registered & copyrighted by Jonathon Earl Bowser. You are free - of course - to download these picture files to your computer, and if you would like to showcase some of his images on your own web-site, then you are invited to do so. This authorization applies to non-commercial (not for profit) Internet applications only, and anyone who places his work on the Internet must provide a full and prominent credit (his name is to appear with the artwork), and establish a link to his web-site ( ANY use of his images without a proper credit and link will be considered an unauthorized use - a violation of, and prohibited by, international copyright law.


Alphabetical Listing of Art by
Jonathon Earl Bowser :

1900 : 1991
A Beckoning Light : 1999
Abel and the Fox : 1991
Abel's Dream : 1988
A Dark Knight : 1999
Amaterasu : 2002
Amaterasu 2 : 2003
Angel of Capricorn : 1999
Birth of Venus : 1988
Blue Invariance : 1999
Blue Navajo Blanket : 1992
Born Again : 1996
Brigid : 2003
Burgundy Blouse : 1992
Canadian Matterhorn : 1995
Cascade : 1993
Castle Sentinel : 1995
Cathedral of Illusion : 2000
Celestial Apparition : 1998
Cleopatra : 1991
Cloak of Maternal Sky : 2002
Cloud Maiden : 1989
Desert Dancing : 1991
Desert Princess : 1989
Discretion : 1993
Earth Autumn Winter : 1994
Elysium West : 1995
Epiphany : 1994
Eternity : 2001
Eurynome and Ophion : 1999
Eve : 2003
Forest Light : 1999
Forest Wind : 1988
Geisha : 1999
Glacier Legacy : 1998
Goddess of the Tides : 1993
Goddess of the Vale : 1992
Green Navajo Blanket : 1992
Guinevere : 1992
Guinevere 2 : 1993
Invariance and Enlightenment : 1994
Invitation : 1986
Child of Earth and Sky : 1995
Isolde : 2003
Juliet : 1991
Lake Lefroy : 1995
l'Amour de d'Artagnan : 1992
Lotus of the Eternal Night : 2002
Lotus Wood : 2001
Luminous Wind : 2002
Marian : 1993
Mist Flowers : 1999
Mistress Darkness : 1992
Misty Elysium : 1998
Morgan le Fay : 1991
Mount Kidd : 1995
Mystic Passage : 1997
Ophelia : 1991
Order and Chaos : 1995
Padma-Lakshmi : 2003
Paradise Fields : 1995
Parsival's Lament : 2003
of the Falls : 1997
Polychrome Navajo Dream : 1992
Predator : 1992
Purple Navajo Blanket : 1992
Raven's Mist Woman : 2003
Regeneration : 1991
River Genesis : 2000
Scheherazade : 1998
Sepia : 1988
Shadow Rapids : 1997
Sibling Rivalry : 1991
Singer of the Autumn Lullaby : 1993
Smuggler's Crossing : 1999
Snow : 1992
Song of the Hummingbird Muses : 1994
Spirit Calling : 1997
Swift Current Thunder : 1998
Tears of Waialeale : 2001
The Ancients Sleep : 1994
The Awakening : 1998
The Fall of the Golden Kingdom : 1991
The Family that Preys Together : 1992
The Hawk and the Dove : 2003
The Keeper of the Well : 1992
The Master and His Pet : 1991
The Pastoral Symphony : 1996
The Return : 1998
The Tiger Princess : 1987
The Waiting : 1988
Tiger : 1994
Tower and Castle : 1995
Transcendeffervescence : 2002
Valkryie : 2003
Valley of Consolation : 1995
Waiting for Parsival : 2000
Women in Navarre : 1991
Yuh Hai Has Hun : 1998

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Scheherazade : 1998

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The Hawk and the Dove : 2003

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Valley of Consolation : 1995

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The Ancients Sleep : 1994

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Goddess of the Tides : 1993

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Song of the Hummingbird Muses : 1994

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Tower and Castle : 1995

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Ophelia : 1991