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Chronological Listing of Video Art by Charles Alexander Moffat :
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All files are in Windows Media Format (WMV).

January - April 2004
Fear Americans #1 - Video Art Piece : 2004 - 4301 KB.
Fear Americans #2: Gun Control - Video Art Piece : 2004 - 4901 KB.
Jack is Too Sexy : 2004 - 5075 KB.
Kill Bill Daddy Cool - Video Art Piece : 2004 - 5849 KB.

February 2001
Nightmares in the Morning - Video Art Piece - 2057 KB.

Nightmares in the Morning - 2057 KB
March 18th, 2004:
From Toronto's Gothic scene to the palaces and landscapes of South Korea, Charles Moffat continues to grow as a video artist. While he continues to explore painting as his main artistic practice, video art and photography is a growing occupation for him. Moffat prefers to make "music videos" and thus comment on pop culture at the same time. Not all of his works do this however. "Nightmares in the Morning" for example uses an alarm clock buzzer as the background sound.

Moffat's next video is expected to be about guns, gun control, the Columbine shootings and comment on the popular online game "CounterStrike". He admits he is working on a video related to CounterStrike, but also says he might as easily do a video that mixes "I'm Too Sexy" with the cartoon character "Samurai Jack" first. He might be joking.

Note: The pieces above are not his only video art pieces. They are simply the only ones available at this time (due to bandwidth and website space).

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#1 Video Artists
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