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Dance, Fitness & Health

First off, I want to say that I love to dance.

My speciality is dancing naked in the privacy of my apartment. I dance while making my supper at night, I dance a little while stretching in the morning. Sometimes I'm in a really good mood and I just dance for the fun of it.

I also like jumping over things. When I come home from work (I teach chemistry in highschool) I vault over the couch, collapse in the couch and watch tv until I get hungry. Between the regular jumping and dancing, I think I'm in pretty good shape.

I also eat a lot of rice/vegetable stir fry (see The MacNevin Diet) which tastes fabulous and also keeps my figure trim, but nowhere near anorexic.

I used to eat a LOT back in university. I ballooned up like a whale and I am embarrassed to even say what weight I was back then, so I won't. Lets just say I ate like a pig and looked like one too.

And lets face it, university and college food is fattening. The food there is designed for instant gratification, so that you can go back to studying, goofing off or sleeping around...

Which brings me to the AIDS topic.

I don't have AIDS and I can pretty much guarantee I never will (I'm a lesbian). But I am also a bio-chemist and I am deeply concerned about the AIDS crisis developing around the world. Twenty to thirty years ago when AIDS was first showing up on our global radar nobody cared about the effects of AIDS in Africa. And now that its causing such major problems in Africa I am looking at Asia, India and Russia where similar problems are starting to arise. Forget terrorism, I am much more frightened of AIDS as a growing global epidemic.

The main obstacles to fighting AIDs is poverty, religion and ignorance.

  • Poverty means people can't afford to buy condoms to prevent AIDS and can't afford medicine afterwards.
  • Religions push people towards thinking that "condoms are a sin". Well you know what? Suicide is a sin too. Having sex without a condom is essentially suicide these days. Even if you are married to a person and have known them for years. They could have cheated on you and gotten AIDS during an affair. Or they could have gotten it through a needle. There is no guarantee even if you practice abstinence and are faithful to your spouse.
  • Ignorance is perhaps the most important. Not knowing what AIDS & HIV is is a major problem for preventing it. Education of both young and old is important in preventing the disease from spreading. This is one of the reasons I am a highschool teacher, I know how important education is to our young people today.

    Below is a number of articles and links on various topics related to dance, fitness and health issues. I hope they help you to become more happy and healthy.

    And so to quote a favourite Star Trek character of mine: "Live long and prosper."

    Suzanne MacNevin

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