Lilith & Lilith's Daughter

Edward Ka-Spel/Legendary Pink Dots
From the Album: 'The Maria Dimension'

Sixteen shades of sorrow on a starless night with no escape to dawn.
She hugged the sand; she cursed the storm for 16 days and no tomorrows.
Mourning friends who fled and loves that died stillborn...
A lifetime miming, hiding from the touch that claims...
unchained her from the lie that was her past.
A hollow tear lay drying on the mask,
behind the veil, behind the mask, behind the vizor...
And somewhere spiteful spirits laughed at her - the last survivor.
Because she'd always been alone, she'd always be alone.

Lilith's Daughter
Edward Ka-Spel (solo work)
From the Album: 'Laugh, China Doll'

Mummy's entertaining uncle.
  I can hear her through the wall.
I've never seen my latest uncle,
  but I draw pictures of them all.
Turn them into little models,
  line them up along the hall -
stick a pin in
  (Hear him scream behind the wall!)
That's how mummy gets her kicks,
  she showed me all the tricks. She
knows the symbols, says the nicest things...
  Now i'm plunging pins while uncle plunges in.