by Machines of Loving Grace

I'm talkin darkest night A shoddy simulation of
paradise leopard tights a sinking fascination with neon light and inside
inside its warm and tight with the budding blond hookers and their
decadent heart desire's a violent jackhammer of the heart when the world
decends int the helter skelter and the girls crawl in the shelter
Lilith/Eve--------------------------\ I'm looking for something | oh
come together about me | |-refrain and I don't know what i want | to
walk all over | I'm looking for something in between-/ I I'm talking
blood on grass an overripe suburbanite heartattack and paint all black
because the end is accellerating back to the beginning and everyone is
falling in line with the balding blond hustler in the heroine hovels
giving dollar sucks inside continentals with the radio blaring out
Helter Skelter and the creatures come in for shelter 

refrain ....