The Lilith Gallery Newsletter Volume I
By Suzanne MacNevin & Charles Moffat

April Edition 2006

In this edition we'd like to introduce two new artists to our newsletter members:

Candice Raquel Lee (Bronze Sculptor)

Rachel Stone (Photographer)


This edition is going to be relatively short. Most of the important things we wanted to say were in the March edition, which you can still view (in case you missed last month's) at:

That said, the Lilith Gallery is going through some changes. We're growing and adding new articles, new pages about art history and new pages about mythology/archeology every day. Since there is so much we want to talk about and an almost endless amount of art history, myths and archeological sites around the world, this is a massive undertaking on our part. It will take us months or even years to complete, and even then due to the nature of history we will be writing new articles (and updating the old) in order to make the Lilith Gallery better and better.

Why? Well, why do people spend all that time writing encyclopedias or huge art history books that they will turn around and sell: Money. Except our motive is the opposite of that. We think such information should be free, easy to find and all in one place.

Imagine for a moment that you are a highschool student doing a project on Greek art and mythology (and the teacher wants high-quality images of the artworks). You go online looking for information, and sure enough, there's lots of different sites out there on the topic, but they are all minor topics, sub-divided and in different locations (some of them might even be inaccurate). Thus its our goal to be the website where people can automatically go to and find not only the high-quality information they are looking for, but the artwork as well. All in one place.

Information, free information, cannot always be purely text. Its the images that provide definition and substance to the words. If you read a newspaper article about women and children being killed in Afghanistan, it may not even shock you. But if you see an image of an American soldier shooting unarmed civilians "just for kicks" then you will be shocked and outraged.

Likewise, if I told you that your male neighbour beats up his wife repeatedly, you might not believe me. But if you saw him beating her with your own eyes, or saw the bruises and/or the black eyes, or even just an image or a video of what had occurred you would then have that knowledge with you forever. Without that image or video stuck in your head, you would never truly know and understand what happens on the opposite side of the world or right next door.

In conclusion we make it our goal not only to report art history and current events, but we aim to show art history and current events. Because seeing is believing and anything less is hearsay.

Charles Moffat
Curator of the Lilith Gallery


Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

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