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Charles Alexander Moffat Retrospective 2004

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Albion's Androgyny : 2004

Bald Girl Shaving : 2004

Canadian Goth : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #001 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #005 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #007 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #010 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #011 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #016 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #017 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #023 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #035 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #040 : 2004

Natural Born Babykillers #045 : 2004

Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #001 : 2004

Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #007 : 2004

Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #017 : 2004

Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #018 : 2004

For years now people have asked me for more details about my work, poking me with questions about how I made them, why I made them and what the paintings mean. And of course the obvious question, how much?

I don't even try to sell my paintings. Many of my works are rather academic and theoretical. They are not the kind of paintings that you would see in on someone's livingroom wall or at the dentist office. Instead, they are the kind of paintings you might see in a major art gallery.

I do occasionnally do commissions however, as you will see, and I do occasionally sell my paintings as well. I am rather loathe to part with them however.

My popularity is also rather flattering. I have fans all over the world, university students writing essays about my work, regular emails from fans who "oooh and awwwww", I've been mentioned in several documentaries, and even art groupies. I also receive regular hate-mail and threats from people who find my artwork to be somehow offensive or even blasphemous. According to many people, I am going to hell. I do not let my popularity/anti-popularity bother me however. I just find it amusing.

When I look back over the years at my work, I realize how much my work has changed, and also how much it hasn't changed. I still focus more on people, particularly women, and I am still a romantic at heart. My latest works have become more and more controversial.

As you compare different years of my work, you will see repetitive themes, such as the violin paintings. I usually do one violin painting per year. Some years there is no violin painting. Why do I make violin paintings? Because they're difficult to draw, to shade and to paint. They make excellent practice. I've gotten to the point where I can now draw and accurately shade a realistic violin from memory. Perhaps I should find something even more difficult, to give myself a challenge.

Challenges are also an aspect of my work. Some of my paintings were made partly because it was a challenge. Painting a plaid shirt for example, is a very difficult practice. Not all of my paintings are a challenge however. Some are just a compositional formula that I have worked out, and that formula is simply repeated in numerous paintings. Sometimes I tweak the formula and play with it, change it. I actually have several different That formulas that I use, off and on from time to time. These formulas have become iconic of my style.

Stylistically, I also change my style back and forth as well. Some artworks are almost photographic, while others are more abstract or stylized. It varies largely upon the theme of the piece and what particular style I think is suitable for that piece.

Not all of my art pieces are shown online. Many of them have never even been photographed. For example, my metal and wood sculptures are not shown online, because showing sculpture online really does not do the sculpture piece any justice. Many of my photographic works also are not online, as well as many paintings, numerous drawings, commissions, paintings/photographs that were made as a gift to someone, etc.

The works that are shown online tend to be the ones that are more theoretically and academic. I do make landscape paintings, but I don't show them online often. There are some examples of such art pieces, to give people a broader sense of what I do, but otherwise I simply don't bother to show such pieces online.

  • Albion's Androgyny : 2004
  • Ink Lithography on Japanese Paper
  • William Blake's "Albion" and ideas of androgyny is contrasted with an androgynous bald female in the foreground. On the borders of the lithograph are the words "The Lilith Gallery" along with the website. The lithograph is a poster advertisement for the Lilith Gallery. There is a limited edition of 20 prints of this lithograph. I have 3 other lithographs from 2004 that are not online yet.

  • Bald Girl Shaving : 2004
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • In this painting a bald female shaves her armpits. Indeed, the only hair left on her is her eyebrows. She appears to be anorexic, rather unhealthy and obsessed with being hairless. The painting is basically a comment on obsession and I have left it open to interpretation. Stylistically I have continued the style started in 2003 with "Salmacis in the Rain", and repeated the water effect in order to emphasize the fact that she is shaving in the shower.

  • Bang Bang Wonderful Days : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • I did a lot of video art pieces during 2004, starting with the "Kill Bill Daddy Cool" video below. About half of the works were basically "fan-made music videos", and the other half were serious art pieces. The music videos (like this one) are meant for practice so I can hone my video-editing skills. In this particular video I used the song "Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down" (as seen in the Kill Bill movies) and applied it the futuristic Korean movie "Wonderful Days". The video tells the story of a woman who grows up only to be shot by her childhood friend (this isn't the plot of the movie however, so don't get confused). The movie "Wonderful Days" is excellent and if you ever get a chance to watch it, please do so.

  • Canadian Goth : 2004
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • A patriotic looking Canadian goth wearing a corset appears in this painting. Toronto is the goth capitol of the world, with the highest per-capita population of gothic people.

  • Fear Americans I : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • This is the first of many serious video art pieces that were made during 2004. This first one takes the Bob Dylan lyric "I'm Afraid of Americans" and paraphrases it simply as "Fear Americans". In the video I compare the United States to Nazi Germany, George W. Bush with Adolf Hitler, and finally compare Bush with "god" as he picks his nose spliced together with images of an atomic bomb. Gathering the footage required to make the video was surprisingly easy to do, and I ended up having lots of footage left over to make extra videos on slightly different topics.

  • Fear Americans II/Gun Control : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • In this second video I contrast an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer buys a gun with footage about the Columbine shootings. American "gun fanatics" have become so obsessed over the years on a religious level that their obsession with guns is threatening the American way of life. Easy access to firearms allows criminals, wackos and terrorists to easily arm themselves and commit massacres. Sadly most Americans don't take gun control seriously unless the problem is right next door. According to polls 80% of Americans are in favour of more gun control, but they just don't do anything about it.

  • Fear Americans III/Oil Economics : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • This video is a closer look at the economics of oil and war. Or rather how "they have nothing to do with each other". Cough cough, hint hint. Iraq's oil supply has nothing to do with soaring gas prices in the United States, nothing to do with the Bush family's shares in oil, nothing to do with the pipeline being built across Afghanistan... you get the picture. The video has a "humourous documentary" feel to it.

  • Fear Americans IV/American Life : 2004
  • Windows Media File (small)
  • Windows Media File (large)
  • Madonna's "American Life" song gets painted with more graphic pictures in this video. I tried to make is as thought provoking as possible. There are two different sizes of this video above.

  • Fear Americans V/Wolfowitz War Crimes : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • This one goes back to the documentary idea again, this time focusing on the "brains behind Bush": Wolfowitz.

  • Fear Americans VI/Fear, Hatred and Stupidity : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • "Beavus and Butthead" get compared with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in this video about American racism.

  • Fear Americans VII/Pinky and the Brain : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • In this video I compare George W. Bush and Dick Cheney with "Pinky and the Brain", a pair of cartoon lab rats who seek to control the world. The one is a genius and the other is insane.

  • Kill Bill Daddy Cool : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • This is the first video I made during 2004, and was the first time I tried to splice together footage from video clips. In this video its a bad Japanese subtitled version of "Kill Bill: Volume I". The video is horrible by my modern standards, but it shows you what I started with. My video editing skills have improved dramatically since this.

  • Merry Xmas : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • This is the last video I made during 2004. I made it shortly before Xmas and I spliced in a variety of footage from xmas movies and tv specials, plus footage of war, and for music I used John Lennon's song "And So This Is Christmas"/"The War is Over". Christmas spending practices and capitalism has become ridiculous over the years. The original idea of "baby jesus" has been dumped on the side of the road in favour of spending oodles of money on presents.

  • Natural Born Babykillers #001 - 045: 2004
  • Digital Photography
  • In this series of photography I contrast childish ideas of warfare (Lego Soldiers) with the real life problems that happens overseas. Problems like torturing prisoners for pleasure. This particular Lego set is not found in the United States, but in South Korea where even the toys are used as propaganda tools in order to encourage children to be more in favour of war. The fake guns found seen in several photos are BB guns from South Korea, which look quite realistic.

  • Samurai Jack is Too Sexy : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • In this playful video I took Right Said Fred's song "I'm Too Sexy" and spliced together scenes from a variety of Samurai Jack episodes. "Samurai Jack" is a cartoon on the CartoonNetwork about a samurai who was thrown into the future (a future with robots, aliens and magical monsters) and is on a quest to destroy the evil Lord Aku and return to the past so he can fix the future. On the way Jack tends to have side adventures and get mixed up in some confusing stories. Sometimes he ends up dressed in drag, only partially clothed or even (oh my god!) naked!

  • Samurai Jack in Hotel California : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • All of the clips in this video come from a single episode of "Samurai Jack" in which he encounters a haunted house. The plot of the episode is LITERALLY the plot from the Eagles song "Hotel California". It was only a matter of time before a fan made a music video combining the two.

  • Samurai Jack Meets Wong Fei Hung : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • Using footage from various "kung fu" style episodes I combine the themesong from "Wong Fei Hung" (otherwise known as the "Once Upon A Time In China Trilogy"). The Samurai Jack scenes chosen deliberately mimic scenes from "Wong Fei Hung", and thus anyone who is a fan of those movies will appreciate this video.

  • Samurai Jack is Stayin' Alive : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • Jack gets into trouble regularly and in this video I show his efforts to "stay alive", using the song "Stayin' Alive" as the music. Its funny because there is actually scenes in this video where Jack is on a dance floor fighting (with disco lights all around).

  • The Last Thing You Feel Bub : 2004
  • Windows Media File
  • Taking a break from the Samurai Jack episodes, this video mixes the first two X-Men movies together, specifically scenes of Wolverine in fights, plus one scene from an "X-Men Evolutions" cartoon. The song is "The Last Thing You Feel", which works well with a line from the X2 movie: "How does it feel Bub?"

  • Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #001 - 022: 2004
  • Digital Photography
  • A soldier drowning in alcohol (yes, that really is champagne, but its not a champagne glass) is shown in this series of photographs. The pictures are meant to be a metaphor for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which frequently involves alcoholism on the part of the person. Sometimes called "shellshock", it is a condition that affects soldiers returning from a war.

    Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #019 : 2004

    Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #020 : 2004

    Un Lego Soldier dans le Champagne #022 : 2004

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