George W. Cunt
Bush's War on His Last Name

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George Cunt is a more suitable name for the American president. Despite being a sexist slur, the word Cunt more correctly describes his disposition towards the middle east. He wants oil. He wants to get his cunt greased up. He wants all the oil he can get, and he's going to be a bitch, a cry-baby, a complainer and everything else he can do to get it.

I want to attack Iraq! Wah wah wah! Me me me! I want, I want, I want.

The world leader in capitalism is the world's biggest school yard bully who likes to throw temper tantrums behind closed doors.

As a feminist, I can call him George Cunt because I have claimed the word as my own. Bush just doesn't suit him. Bushwhacker does, because he is certainly a highwayman of sorts. George W. Cunt has a ring to it though.

Sorta like Tricky Nicky.

Seriously, if we are going to give George Cunt a good solid nickname, we might as well insult his genitals.

Have you ever noticed how guns and missiles are all shaped like dicks?

Except George Cunt never uses the guns/missiles himself. He uses them on others.

That is another reason why we should change his name to George Cunt.

I realize that the word Cunt is offensive to many people. It is usually used to describe an 'uptight bitch'.

But if 'uptight bitch' doesn't describe George Cunt, I don't know what does.

However for those of us with the brains to know better, cunt is actually the proper word for the female sex organs. Vagina is actually Roman military slang for "sword sheath". And pussy just doesn't do. Bush is another slang for female genitals anyway, so its not so big a change. So cunt, the oldest and technically most proper English word for that area is actually not an insult. But when applied to an ego-loving male, cunt becomes a very potent insult.

I am convinced that as a feminist I can do two things: Number 1, spread the word of what the real meaning of cunt is. Number Two, convince the world that George Cunt deserves to be called George Cunt.

He is an uptight bitch afterall. A warmongering, oil stealing uptight bitch.

This is why I am starting a formal protest against George Cunt and inviting EVERYONE else to join me by calling him George Cunt from now on. I know people will look at you funny when you call him that, and you may get some people you are outright insulted that we called him female genitalia, but you just explain to them what the real meaning of cunt is and maybe they'll understand. Besides its MEANT to be insulting.

So join hands people and raise your voices as we give George Cunt his proper nickname. Tricky Nicky would be proud of us.


Of course, there is also those who think George Cunt would not even be in this war if his last name was Boner. George Boner would suggest he doesn't have to attack Iraq to make up for his lack of size. Nobody would doubt that he is a man under the pants. Clinton was a man, we all knew that, but George Cunt is about as sexy as dead toad and we all doubt whether he can even get it up.

Thus, he thinks he has to make up for that by proving he has the balls to attack Iraq. In addition to the perks of getting a lot of oil out of the deal.

Attacking Iraq from behind the safety of his desk doesn't prove he has balls however. It proves the lack of them. If he had balls, he'd be the playboy of the western world. Which he's not. Clinton already has that title. At least Clinton didn't have to make up for a bad last name. That, or he would be in Saudi Arabia right now helping to lead the attack. The truly great American presidents always fought beside their troops. Washington, Lincoln, they were warriors and statesmen.

Bush is no warrior. He's a tax man who raises oil prices as a "tax on the poor". It is the poor that bear the burden of higher oil prices. The rich don't care if oil doubles in price. Thats still pocket change to them.

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