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  • Real Name: Suzanne MacNevin.
  • Nicknames: The Glowing Maid, Glowmaid, Suzy, Radioactive Grrl!
  • Age: 27 last I checked...
  • Sex: Lesbian, but bi-curious.
  • Location: Toronto, but I have also lived in P.E.I., Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Halifax.
  • Nationality: 100% Fuckin' Canadian eh?
  • Patriotism: On a scale of 1 to 10? Infinity baby!
  • Occupation: Chemistry Teacher in an Ontario Highschool. I also work in a bio-chemistry lab during the summer months, so I am also an active scientist.
  • Online Occupation: Editor of the Lilith eZine.
  • Favourite Superheroes: Radioactive Grrl (my own invention), She-Hulk, Wonderwoman.
  • Past-times: Blowing shit up, dishing shit out and making fun of George W. Bullshit.
  • Favourite Food: Raspberry Pie.
  • Favourite Drink: Blue Jolt.
  • Favourite Artist: Cindy Sherman
  • Old Website: At Geoshities.

    As you can see, I am a chemistry teacher, a part-time bio-chemist, a feminist (all this "ist" words seems rather silly to be writing) and a very patriotic Canadian. I'm also an avid writer/ranter. I research my topics heavily, frequently using statistics (not polls) from both StatsCanada and the CIA World Factbook. Please enjoy reading my articles.

    Not all my articles are listed on this individual page. For a more complete listing visit the Lilith eZine.

    Otherwise, enjoy your stay at the Lilith Gallery.

    Suzanne MacNevin (aka, the Glowing Maid)

    PS: Exercise and don't smoke. You will live a happier life for it.

    Some of My Articles:

  • American Catastrophes
  • A Prison Called Palestine
  • Censored Songs Since September 11th (not really an article, just a list)
  • Chastity Belts & Corsets: The Next Thing in Fashion?
  • Chicago Woman Arrested for Breastfeeding in Public
  • JFK vs George W. : Who will Win in the Battle of the Titans?
  • Pyroterrorism in California: A Sad State of Affairs
  • Russian Oil & the WEIGHT of Oil in International Politics
  • Toplessness: A Right All Women Deserve
  • The 51st State: Was Lord Hutton Bribed in the Dr Kelly Public Inquiry?
  • The Legacy of George W. Bush
  • The Top 100 Terrorist Targets in the United States
  • The Top Ten Great Canadian Artists: Joyce Wieland
  • Welcome to Ontario! Where the CN Tower isn't the only thing that is High!

    After reading the articles above, some of you may feel the need to send me hate-mail. Thats because you're a bigot, but okay. Go ahead. I love hate-mail. :)

    If you feel even more adventurous, click on the advertising below. You might actually see/find something of interest.

    Otherwise, have a nice day!

    New and Improved Old Shit:

    Here are some my older articles and rants. They have all been transfered to the Lilith Gallery and are ready for use. Any other articles I have written are now outdated (Clinton isn't the president anymore!) and therefore are a bit useless. They have even been updated so they "look" better. Having the Lilith Gallery images handy for backgrounds/etc is very nice.

  • Are Men Really Necessary?
  • Are you Afraid of my Breasts?
  • Carre Otis, Disgusting Super-Models and the Future of the Image of Feminity
  • The Corset: Is it Feminist?
  • Tales of a Female Hitchhiker
  • Males Crying
  • Female Rights In Retreat: Abortion, Rape and the American Way

    Suzanne MacNevin's Blog:

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