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Chapter Five: Feats & Skills


(Knowledge Skill)
Key Ability: Intelligence
Untrained: No

Korovia has many ancient cities and towns that now lie in ruins. Archeology does not give the PC knowledge about the history of such places, but rather an insight into how they built things and how they lived. It is really more like Anthropology (the study of different cultures) except Archeology is about ancient cultures. When using this skill a PC with 5 or more ranks in Ancient History (or Elvish History, depending on the setting) gains a +2 synergy bonus to their Archeology check (and vice versa). The Archeology check can be used for many things when exploring ancient buildings or catacombs.

After making a successful check a PC can gain a +2 synergy bonus to search for and disable ancient traps, appraise ancient items, decipher writing, make a forgery, making a map (see Mapmaking below), make related knowledge checks, and even use ancient magical devices. Archeology is really best used in combination with other skills. In some cases the Archeology check can be substituted for a different skill that the PC doesn’t have.

This skill can be best used in a library to gather information about a particular archeological site. Provided the PC can find information on the topic, they should be able to get an idea of what kind of architecture the place will have, what kinds of traps or monsters it might have and maybe even maps of the site and ways to avoid its dangers.

(Craft Skill)
Key Ability: Intelligence.
Untrained: Yes

The PC can create detailed and accurate maps of landscapes, buildings and underground labyrinths (often from memory). They can even make topographical maps. A PC with 5 or more ranks in a Craft skill that involves drawing gains a +2 synergy bonus. A PC with 5 or more ranks in Geography also gains a synergy bonus. These synergy bonuses stack.

Maps can be quite valuable (if they’re rare locations and useful) and thus when using this skill the PC should refer to the Craft skill to see how much their maps are worth. A simple map has a DC of 12 or less. A detailed (and accurate) map has a DC of 15. When appraising a map, a PC with 5 or more ranks in mapmaking gains a +2 synergy bonus to determine a map’s value. Mapmakers often also draw images of the landscape, which in combination with a map can be quite valuable so that a person can get “the lay of the land”.


Cold Resistance
Prerequisites: None.
The PC gains a resistance to normal cold and can survive twice as long in cold climates before freezing to death. They gain a +4 resistance bonus to save against cold spells and spell-like effects.

Illusion Resistance
Prerequisites: 3rd level or gnome.
The PC gains a +4 resistance bonus to Illusion magic. They also gain a +1 to hit against invisible targets, but not targets with cover or concealment.

Patron Leader
Prerequisites: Can only be taken at 1st level.
The PC is a follower (or even a cohort) of a leader, who may be very important (like a lord, prince or Queen), or may be only a lowly 6th level character whom the character has apprenticed themselves to or has somehow befriended them. Whatever the case, regardless of the NPCs class or station, the PC serves this leader and sometimes goes on missions for them. Likewise, the PC can also ask their leader to help them should they get into some form of trouble (but only expect help if the expected help somehow benefits the leaders own desires). The NPC is usually a good source of info and advice. When a PC reaches 6th level, they may trade this feat for the Leadership feat.

Warden of the Lasso
(Warden Feat)
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus Lasso, must be a Warden of the North.
The PC gains a +2 competence bonus to any attacks and any checks (grapple/trip/etc) when using a lasso.

Warden of the Shield
(Warden Feat)
Prerequisites: 6th level, must be a Warden of the North.
The warden can deflect arrows like a monk when using his shield. He gains a bonus to his Reflex save based on the bonus of the shield (+1 for small, +2 for large, +4 for tower [only with tower shield proficiency]). Furthermore, the warden can deflect a number of arrows equal 1 + his Dex bonus.

Warden of the Sword
(Warden Feat)
Prerequisites: Must have killed a wolf, an ogre and a troll in single combat, must be a Warden of the North.
Whenever fighting against wolves, ogres or trolls, the Warden gains a +1 competence bonus to attacks and damage. This bonus applies to any of the “stereotypical” Korovian monsters. Rangers who take this feat also gain a +1 competence bonus whenever tracking any of these creatures.

Warden of the Fist
(Warden Feat)
Prerequisites: 6th level, must be a Warden of the North.
When dealing subdual damage from a melee attack the Warden can deal 4 points of extra subdual damage. This applies to both unarmed attacks and armed attacks.

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