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Chapter Eight: Monsters of Korovia

Random Encounters

Roll different dice depending on the Level of the PCs: Low-Level 1d4, Mid-Level 1d6 or 1d8, High-Level 1d10.

1 Small Animal (Warthog, Boar, Bats, Black Bears, Deer, Moose, Rabid Wolf, Rats, Spiders, Snakes, Scorpions)
2 Medium Animal (Dire Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Mountain Lion)
3 Large Animal (White Tiger, Giant Eagle, Mammoth)
4 Small Monster (Pseudo-dragon, Rust Monster, Fungus)
5 Medium Monster (Winterwolves, Worgs, Shambling Mound)
6 Large Monster (Wyvern, Ice Bulette, Hill Giant, Hydra, Treant, Naga, Griffon)
7 Small Humanoid (Fey, Kobolds, Lizardfolk, Troglodyte)
8 Medium Humanoid (Bandits, Other Adventurers, Merchant Caravan, Mercenary Party, Bugbears)
9 Large Humanoid (Ogres, Ogre Mage, Trolls, Giants, Ettin, Minotaur, Centaur)
10 Special*

Monsters of Korovia:

Korovian Wolf-dog
Korovian Uber-Trolls
Loqland/Uber Orc
Loqland Red Wyvern
Loqland Black Wyvern

Dragons of Korovia:

The most common dragon in Korovia is the Korovian Dragon, but other breeds from far-away lands sometimes trespass on Korovian dragon territory.

Al-Kazaran Dragon
Korovian Dragon
Loqland Dragon

Epic Monsters:

Epic monsters cannot be destroyed. They are a bit like the Tarrasque, only worse. Epic Monsters are almost never ever seen, they are essentially an “once in a lifetime” experience. Usually a person dies during this “once in a lifetime” experience.

The Northern Leviathan
The Trollish Pit Beast

Chapter 1: The History of Korovia Chapter 2: Towns, Cities & Guilds Chapter 3: Cosmology & Gods Chapter 4: Races & Classes Chapter 5: Feats & Skills Chapter 6: NPCs & Plots
Chapter 7: Spells Chapter 8: Monsters Chapter 9: Treasure & Special Items Chapter 10: House Rules Chapter 11: Maps

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