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Chapter Six: NPCs & Plots of Korovia

List of Living NPCs:

  • Adriaza
  • Andrega
  • Derek the Deadly
  • Derek Windcrest
  • Dmitri
  • General Omar
  • Katya Yerovik
  • King Grott
  • Lady Ahaesianna
  • Lady Korozo
  • Lady Kystynna Kirianna Eldoer
  • Lilith Bloodstone
  • Logarr
  • Lord Wilhelm
  • Lucentius
  • Maximilian the Blizzard
  • Nordica
  • Old Ivan
  • Paregus
  • Prince Consort Aleksandre
  • Queen Kasiya
  • Raelean
  • Redknot
  • Sage Madriux
  • Storm Windcrest
  • The Minotaur Seer
  • Ty Windcrest
  • Zyguinas the Troll-King

    List of Dead NPCs:

    This information is useful for contacting dead villains with the spell Speak with Dead.

    The Plague:
    (13th level human vampire rogue/assassin, CE)
    The Plague was an assassin like no other. He possessed all the abilities of a regular vampire but with none of the vulnerabilities. He was known for carrying a Vorpal Scythe, a magical dagger and had a Ring of Teleport/Blinking. His body is buried south of Bavik. Halflings sometimes like pissing on his grave.

    Richard the Crowned
    (12th level outlaw fighter/monk, CN)
    He was very strong AND smart. He is still remembered for his greed and lust for power. His body is in the Oraknev cemetary.

    Marshal Kragen
    (7th level Human Fighter LN, 2nd level thief)
    Kragen was big, mean and had lots of scars. He was the corrupt Marshal/Captain of the Guard for Weyvin. Adventurers hired on behalf of the knights of Kost killed him and restored order to Weyvin. He carried a famous sword called “Oathbinder”. His body lies in a Kost cemetary.

    (Not her actually name of course)
    (7th level human vampire fighter/ranger)
    “Cyclops-Lady” was a bounty hunter who lost her left eye in a fight with an ogre. She later became a notorious bounty hunter, a villain and eventually a vampire. No one knows her true name. Her ashes (she turned to dust when she was destroyed) are in the Kost cemetary. She usually fought with a whip and longsword. She liked to trip her opponents and then kill them while they were down.

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    Chapter 7: Spells Chapter 8: Monsters Chapter 9: Treasure & Special Items Chapter 10: House Rules Chapter 11: Maps

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